Ten no Ji


Located in Mateus, Empyreum, W15 P42
Operating hours are 10pm to 1am EST Sat + Tues



One night V.I.P
100,000 Gil
- Free food and drink for the night
- Free hour of normal RP

One Month V.I.P
500,000 Gil
- Free food and drink
- Special drink requests
- Free hour of RP
- Off seasonal drinks available
-Use of our V.I.P apartment for free, 2 times a month

Prices and Services


Role Play Prices- Host floor RP 60,000 gil/per hr
- Host private room RP 100,000 gil/per hr
-Private room PRP 200,000 gil/per hr

Nightly Room Booking per night-Private Room Nightly Stay 250,000 gil
-VIP apartment Nightly Stay 400,000 Gil
(Extra 30 min of rp per hour bought of host time in VIP room)

Drink and Food

Nomimono to tabemono

Matcha Hai>>
A rich liquor reminicent of the complex flavors of the green colored powder called Matcha.
5,000 Gil

<<Sake Fizz
Sake Fizz is energetic and full of sweet and citrus flavors! It features sake, vodka, yuzu juice, soda water, peach syrup, and butterfly pea flower tea!
5,000 Gil

<<Sakura Tini
A light pink martini styles spirit, the notes of Sakura petals are a favorite of those looking to capture the sunny disposition of spring time.
5,000 Gil

Minced squid and various spices blend together in a soft and lightly fried dough ball. This pastry is then coated in a helping of Hingan spiced mayo and drizzled in a flavorful fish sauce.
8,000 Gil

House Tea>>
A traditional and deeply rich traditionally steeped tea. Imported directly from the rural sector of northeast Hingashi. This tea can be served hot or cold by the bartender.
5,000 Gil

A finely simmered fish broth with a hearty helping of lightly simmered beef and vegetables. A wonderful dish to warm up any of those experiencing a sudden chill in the air.
10,000 Gil

Challenge Drinks


The Oni
Ten No Ji’s signature challenge drink, made with a demonically delicious mix of rums, sake, fruit juices, and a secret blend. Served cold and with the flames of the afterlife alight on top.
Roll associated
Success- Victory over the Oni is an impressive feat of your system. Though you may feel drunker than a usual heavy night of drinking. (What in the hells is your liver made of)
Failure- Though defeat may feel bitter, you at least attempted the assault. Good news though You won’t remember anything as the sheer drunkenness takes over and hey maybe all these spirits around you will be happy to keep you company.
20,000 Gil

The Fox Fire
The fox spirit has come to play a devious trick, mixing in batches of a potent and charmed liquor upon the shelves. This ungodly concoction was crafted by mixing various spirits together, rolling it into a deathly mixture of pure bliss. The color radiates a brilliant blue aura, a fine thick smoke billowing as if on fire. Beware though, the fox magic infused is sure to play a nasty prank upon the mortal who dares to take the challenge.
Roll Associated
Success- The brilliant blue hue burns slightly as it enters your body, the flesh quickly warming to the touch as it loosens the muscles. The brilliant blue floods the mind, causing a sleepy daydream of fanciful bliss in its wake.
Failure- The patron has been tricked by the fox! For the next hour the consumer will have to suffer the side effects of the magic imbedded deep inside the drink.
[Side effects include: food/drink turning to warm sand in your mouth, A bush of leaves/flowers sprouting from the mouth, hair growing on your tongue, reduction of mouth and vocal cords, etc…]
[side effect is host/bartender choice]
[unless the fox is in the venue, then the fox says so!]
20,000 Gil

Chinese New Year Date Auction

旬ー説 日付オークション
Shun ̄-setsu Hidzuke ōkushon

Pictures and info may not show properly on phones

Syncshell GID: MSS-2SNM1HC91H41
Password: Tengokunojigoku

Located in Mateus, Empyreum, W15 P42
Operating hours are 10pm EST to whenever we close! Feb. 3rd 2024
Masquerade mask politely requested

-Auctions will begin at 10:30, allowing guests to get into the door and get comfortable for the event.
-Patrons are asked to rp in tells or party for the duration of the night as events are taking place, we do apologize for the inconvenience.-Services such as food and drink, as well as inn rooms and services are still available for the night as we are in session.-Please be courteous to our hosts for the evening and refrain from too many interruptions if at all possible for the remainder of the event.-All auctioned staff will start at a flat rate of 100k. When interested in buying said auctioned, please use /yell to show your interest with a bid higher than previously listed.-Our secret tier of auctioned will begin at 1 million gil at the end of our normally listed auctioned.



-When bidding, bidders must have all gil they have bid with. If Gil is not exchanged, their rights to time of the bought individual will be forfeit and offered to the 2nd highest bidder.
-If you are found inflating bids for fun, your offers will be rebuked and you will be asked to leave or refused services.
-Please respect yours and the auctioned's time. When an auctioned is bought and transaction fulfilled, it will be up to the buyer to establish dates times and requests of the auctioned.
-Please be courteous to our hosts for the evening and refrain from too many interruptions if at all possible for the remainder of the event.
-To bid, please place bids in /yell when interested in buying.
-Please insure that the auctioned is aware of all details that are asked of them, Please be mindful of their opinions if they are uncomfortable with certain requests. These requests can be terminated at any time if boundaries have been over stepped.
-Please be mindful and clear of what you have bought them for. Do not ask for more than they are willing to offer or else services can be revoked.
-No refunds will be issues for any rules being broke or if you are unhappy with services.

Prices and Services


Available RP areas for immediate use if interested.

Nightly Room Booking per night-Private Room Nightly Stay 250,000 gil
-VIP apartment Nightly Stay 400,000 Gil


One night V.I.P
100,000 Gil
- Free food and drink for the night

One Month V.I.P
500,000 Gil
- One month of Ten no Ji VIP
- Free food and drink
- Special drink requests
- Off seasonal drinks available
-Use of our V.I.P apartment for free, 2 times a month



All food and drink are on the house.

Otterly Delicious>>
A restaurant dedicated to the cuisine oftentimes found in the Hingashi region of the world. Specializing in seafood dishes which bring about the rich textures of the east and savory pallets of the ocean straight to your plate.

^^ Seafood Noodles >>
A dish made with rice noodles, eggs, shrimp, beansprouts, shallots and a multitude of spices tossed in a semi-sweet peanut sauce. Garnished with chopped peanuts and a lime wedge.
*Made to order for spice level

Squid Ink Pasta >>
Made from scratch squid ink pasta tossed in uni butter imported directly from the Kugane fish markets, this pasta dish will give you a little taste of the sea. Seasoned with a home made dukkah of toasted pine nuts, fennel seeds, and sesame seeds to bring an earthy balance to the dish.

<< Salmon Fillet
A pan seared salmon fillet, lightly seasoned on a toasted sourdough bun with shredded lettuce, tomato, finely sliced onion, and an herb aioli sauce.

<< Lobster Mac
A hearty, creamy macaroni and cheese dish with chunks of sweet lobster meat scattered throughout. Made with four kinds of cheese and seasoned on top with a Limsan spice blend.

Lounge Drinks

Lounge Drinks

All food and drink are on the house.

Mulled Wine>>
A heartwarming drink to keep you warm during the cold winter nights. It is made with Merlot wine heated with a dash of cognac and honey, orange slices, cinnamon and let the heat infuse all those flavors along with a selection of several other spices and berries.
It is served with cinnamon sticks, cranberries and orange slices as garnish.

Chili Hot Cocoa >>
This drink is a spicy version of a classic winter drink. Creamy hot cocoa with a dash of cinnamon, some nutmeg, fresh chilly peppers and pepper flakes for a spice, combined all together and finished with some whipped cream, that's guaranteed to keep you warm during this cold season. This drink can also come in a tispy version if you want, served with a dash of Cognac or Brandy.

<< Dragons Breath
This dangerous mixture of amaretto and over proof rum will test your nerve as you drop the flamming shot into a waiting pint of beer offering those who succeed a lovely experience fail, and face the wrath of the dragon.
Challenge 800-1000 pass
500-800 singed hairs or burnt fingers
499 and under the bartender will douse you in water to keep the flame down.

<< Whiskey memory
A delightful cinnamon infused whiskey to give a nice burn. The golden pearls at the bottom though arnt just for show each one is filled with golden cider ready to burst and leave you missing that apple pie from your childhood memories.



Please see auctioned interests, information, and what they wish to sell.

[Venue affiliated with]: Ten no Ji
[Name]: Dolgoon Khatayn
[Sexuality]: Pan
[Services]: Content, RP services (SFW AND NSFW) includes: Personal Bartending, Hunting assistance, General Escort services, Massage therapy, Healing and Mending services. E/RP Services depends on interaction between characters.
[Information about your character]: Dolgoon is a Hunter, a Mender, a Brewer and a Bartender. He might offer NSFW services or even E/RP services depending on the interaction with another character.
He is primarily a Dom/Top, and a Gentle Giant at heart. Don't let his constant frown scare you...

[Venue affiliated with]: Octane Nightclub + Bon-naka Onsen
[Name]: Khaishan Oronir-Henny
[Sexuality]: Polyamorous pansexual
[Services]: Short-term RP and ERP, GPose (SFW and NSFW), (OOC) artwork, casual content, highly bullyable, will sit under a heat lamp with you for several hours if you're into that
[Information about your character]: He comes off as a bit of a rat bastard, and that's because he is, but Khaishan is at least a /little/ more loveable than he looks. He probably wouldn't be married otherwise. Speaking of which, his wife wants him to grow a spine and branch out more (said lovingly), hence why he's putting himself on offer in the first place. Whether you're after personal bartending services, advice on demon summoning, illegal medicine, a buddy to sunbathe on a rock with, or something to do with the bedroom, this giant is willing to show you more of his gentle side. But, if you invite him to the dungeons, he can and will stand in the AOEs to avoid leaving his leylines. It's nothing personal.

[Venue affiliated with]: Ten-no-Ji
[Name]: Joan A. Stormwolf
[Sexuality]: Straight
[Gender]: Cis woman
[Services]: RP & ERP (legal acts only), Gpose, content, side character in an ongoing story, pen pal, crafting, story editing
[Information about your character]: Joan is a 29-year-old woman living in Gridania with her polyamorous husband and four (going on five) children. She is very excited to be currently carrying her husband's and her first child together. She is at 15 weeks and is eager to get to Week 18 so that she'll finally know the child's sex and name. Aside from being a mother, Joan runs a small bistro with her oldest daughter's boyfriend, leads a private international security firm, and actively participates in her community. She is auctioning herself off in order to help support Ten-no-Ji, the venue where she met her husband and where her oldest daughter now works as a performer.

Venue Affiliated With: The Escort Lounge
Name: Toffee Wind
Sexuality: Pansexual
Services: GPose (SFW/NSFW), RP, ERP
Information: Phoptographer, courtesan-turned brothel madam, business mogul

[Venue affiliated with]: Siren Song Resort
[Name]: Nico Hoshizora Character age: 20
[Sexuality]:Bi, Dom Gender: He/Him
[Services]: RP (SFW/NSFW)/ GPose/ Content / PVP (FL tho)
[Information about your character]: The acting Shogun of Clan Hoshizora, Nico was adopted into a Hingan family after his exile from his birth village, he has a older biological brother that he has lost contact with after they got seperated whilst crossing the Ruby Sea, determined to repay his master for taking him in he trained hard, eventually becoming the heir apparent of the Hoshizora clan at the age of 18 moons, first inline to succeed the former shogun. He travelled hither in the distant land of Eorzea as a trade representative of his clan tasked with securing alliances and most importantly trade. He worked as bartender nowadays, providing him the opportunity of making connections with all sorts of patrons, but when duty calls he will no doubt be catching the first ship departing for Kugane, he would be delighted to have a cozy date in a coffee shop with you as he rambles on about his love for tea or his life story, he will sit there for hours listening to yours if you'll indulge him, if it suits your liking he could dust off his weapons and fight alongside you, brave the wild and tame the untamable, as long as you're happy and satisfied so is he.

[Venue Affiliated With]: Siren's Song Resort
[Name]: Summer Kisne
[Sexuality]: Pansexual
[Services]: RP, ERP, date, tarot reading (not major arcana), side character addition to ongoing stories, pen pal
[Information About Your Character]: Summer is a free-spirited fortune-teller who wanders the world to see as many of its sights and people as she can before her prophesied doom finds her. Stronger than she looks, she is a bright and cheery woman who finds joy wherever she can in life. She would be pleased to bits to spend an evening of relaxation, romance, or more and just be happy that she got to meet you. She is dominant-leaning, but she prefer co-dominant dynamics. In stories she fits well as a recurring beam of sunlight and warmth. She stays in contact with friends and past lovers from around the world via the post, so one can expect letters from this sentimental bun in the future.

[Venue affiliated with]: Ten-no-Ji
[Name]: Lillian J. Stormwolf
[Sexuality]: Pansexual
[Gender]: Girlflux
[Services]: RP & ERP (criminal acts are OK as long as no innocents get hurt in the process), Gpose, content, side character in an ongoing story, pen pal, story editing
[Information about your character]: Lillian is a 21-year-old polyamorous woman born in Sharlayan only two years ago. Her birthday is in two months. The multiple twos are a coincidence. Lillian loves to play music, party, and fuck. She also nerds out with her Sharlayan friends from time to time. Lillian attended the Studium but never graduated due to the sticks firmly lodged up most archons' asses. Today, she barhops for the fun of it, hangs out with her reaper avatar Venny, babysits her siblings, and loves on her three boyfriends (although one left for Tural a few weeks ago so ). She is insatiable and vulgar, and she won't apologize for it. Punk is life.

[Venue affiliated with]: Ten-no-Ji
[Name]: Hachiko Inu
[Sexuality]: Gay
[Gender]: Male
[Services]: The guard dog of Ten No Ji and good boy! A lost Inugami soul. He can be your personal little puppy dog! He likes to talk and do some cleaning for treats. He is no good at dungeons as he is very soft and not made for combat. ERP and RP welcome. Whatever you wish from him and he will provide. Granted you have the treats.

[Venue affiliated with]: Ten-no-Ji
[Name]: Ayra Zonbolt
[Sexuality]: Pansexual
[Services]: RP / ERP / Gpose(?)
[Information about your character]:
Looks can be deceiving, she'll try to look rude and be harsh to others to keep distance... Or maybe she wants you to endure it to reveal the true Ayra?
Fiery spirited and impulsive but kindhearted and a true devotee of Menphina's blessings, her attitude with the people made hard for her to keep a conversation flowing or know how to socialize as others do, resulting in her craving for someone who can help her and calm her love desires.
Ayra is a tall Au'Ra woman! With her 1.58 meters height... A stunning tomboy attitude from this white-haired woman that will mesmerize anyone using a display of heterochromia with a very unusual pairing of fiery red and cool gray iris, showing a window into the dynamic duality of her spirit! Their sparkle mirrors her impulsive and fiery-spirited nature."I maybe an idiot... But i'm your idiot, right?"

[Venue affiliated with]: Siren’s Song Resort Bathhouse
[Name]: Linzard Evol
[Sexuality]: Bisexual
[Services - Personal]: SFW RP / NSFW RP / ERP / Date/ Pet / Venue work as hostess, greeter, escort, attendant, dancer
[Information about your character]:
A mild and meek Raen Au Ra hailing from the Ruby Sea, set out to explore the world and see the wonders and cultures beyond the waters. Being raised sheltered from the world she is inexperienced but very curious and always willing to try new experiences. Going around the world she quickly learned that traveling comes at a cost, and she had little to offer but herself. With a little bit of insecurity but a lot of dedication, she is ready to learn and took a job at the bathhouse, working hard to provide the guests with a good experience, whatever means necessary.

[Venue affiliated with]: Bon-naka Onsen/ Octane Nightclub
[Name]: Nate Rysto
[Sexuality]: Pansexual
[Services]: Gpose: ( SFW/NSFW), Content

[Venue affiliated with]: The Escort Lounge.
[Name]: Katie Blacke
[Sexuality]: Bi
[Services]: Short term RP. Short term ERP, gpose, content.
[Information about your character]: Happy to help just about anyone and always looking for ways to brighten your day. Full of empathy and always looks for the good in people first. This can lead her into trouble and has on more then one occasion, but she's overly forgiving and easily forgets. Also loves to heal and learn new things.

[Venue Affiliated with]: Escort Lounge
[Name]: Seidou Takizawa
[Sexuality]: Pansexual
[Services]: ERP, RP, content, random interaction, lizzardness, sge/dnc/gnb for hire
[Information About Your Character]: Seidou comes from the Ruby Sea. Hyperactive and eager to please, or just tell a joke. He's a tease with a bratty exterior. Frequently smiling or laughing with ease, though is also easily caught off guard by somethings. He has a particular liking for kitties and bunnies.

[Venue affiliated with]: The Escort Lounge
[Name]: Khloe Moshroca
[Sexuality]: Bi
[Services]: E/RP, Most content, Gpose, Crafter
[Information about your character]: A young, highly energetic Miqo’te that works as a courtesan. Soft spoken and tends to be drawn more to those that enjoy being in charge as well as aggressive, she addresses everyone as if they were royalty; quick to trust most people and tends to be drawn to some of the darker pleasures in life. The rumors that her body heals flawlessly on its own are hard to dismiss when one notices that there is not a single scar or blemish on her body.

[Venue affiliated with]: Ten no Ji
[Name]: Pearl Wind
[Sexuality]: Pan, Switch
[Services]: ERP, RP, GPose, Content
[Information about your character]: This wealthy businesswoman spends her busy days training her body in the icy caves of the Dravanian Hinterlands. Every ilm of muscle gained is another to use on those who find themselves in her intimate company. She's also known to use alchemy and toys on herself and those willing. Her first favorite activity clear now, you could also take her out to dinner, where she may end up closing the restaurant out early, her appetite voracious. While intimidating, she's actually quite fond of plushies and cuddles, so make sure to treat her right, unless you enjoy punishment. Will also make custom NSFW/SFW poses and images for interested parties, and even run up to EX content with great proficiency, if you want a different kind of grind.

[Venue affiliated with]: Escort Lounge
[Name]: K'iri Laniqe
[Sexuality]: Pan
[Services]: RP, ERP, Gpose (SWF preferred, I'm still a novice, and promise to do my best!), carrd creation/editing, content running, crafting, and gathering
[Information about your character]: This fluffy miqo is here to satisfy your tastebuds, as well as your cravings~ K'iri is a craftsman by trade, and courtesan work helps get her some extra funds to complete her ventures. Often, she finds herself relying on lifestyle magic daily to make her routines all that much smoother. She is submissive leaning, but isn't opposed to taking control for patrons who would prefer that. She would be happy to service you in uniform if you'd like to enjoy a dish before or after you take snack to be yours. This kitten is certain to take the best care she can offer, and thrives on being able to cook for, and get closer to her patrons in every way.

[Venue affiliated with]: sirens song resort
[Name]: nova longear
[Services]: erp ,or a date
[Information about your character]: she is a hermaphrodite bunny girl who only wishes to please her mistress. when she heard her mistress would be entering the auction she had felt compelled to join in. a very submissive and obedient girl who only desire is to serve

[Venue affiliated with]: Ten No Ji
[Name]: Sancus Invictus
[Sexuality]: Straight / Bi-curious
[Services]: SFW / Dark / criminal / Erp Roleplay. Venue work for two weeks of your choice (With agreed terms and conditions) , Content (No savage please): Roulettes, Crafting, Content raids , Variant Dungeons, Mount farm from Ponies to dogs, General chatting and hanging out ooc or IC.
[Information about your character]: Sancus is a man of many names, retired from the criminal underground and now works as an adoptive father of his son. He has taken up Voidhunting and security to keep the money rolling in, and will gladly be interested in other jobs as well. Working for Ten No Ji as a host, and before as Bouncer, he has the politeness one can expect, as well as a good conversationalist! Stop on by, don't be shy. He may or may not bite depending on consent.

[Venue affiliated with]: Otterly Delicious
[Name]: Bojan Golmarr
[Services]: RP, ERP, and date night
[Services][Information about your character]: Playful and mischevious. Been dancing for 4 years. Take me home and see what I can do for you!

[Venue affiliated with]: Ten-no-Ji
[Name]: Aria Soulsong
[Sexuality]: Gay
[Services]: RP and ERP welcome
[Information about your character]: Unlike what his appearance and tall stature may suggest, Aria is a gentle soul. He'll take things slow with his guests, unless asked otherwise, as his services tend to be more on the intimate side, his goal is to make it so his guests are able to have a space to relax in. Cuddles, massages, affirmations, and other kinds of personal attention upon request are among his services. Honorifics are also welcome, as long as they're respectful and within reason, of course.
(Yes, that means you CAN call him "Daddy"!) (edited)

[Venue affiliated with]: Siren’s Song Resort
[Name]: Azrael Helfyre
[Sexuality]: Pansexual
[Services]: RP / ERP / General Services / Bodyguard / Gpose (?)
[Information about your character]:
Azrael, a viera/miqo’te half-breed with a split personality, possesses two distinct personas. One is kind and curious, while the other is brooding and dark. Despite this internal struggle, Azrael is resolute in making every moment spent with you worthwhile. His primary focus lies in understanding others for their individual personalities and captivating stories. Azrael's past holds a dark secret - he was once a prisoner of the Empire, subjected to their cruel research. However, he managed to escape during his youth and found solace in being adopted into a loving family in Gridania.Azrael is open to serving you in any way he can, whether it be to create simple memories of smiles and laughter, someone who can empathize to rant your troubles to, a strong bodyguard and/or servant to accompany you wherever you go, or a hot and passionate night providing you with companionship (dominant, submissive, and switch compatible), he will make it worth every second.

Owners being auctioned

[Venue affiliated with]: Cota Bean Studios
[Name]: Cota / Cota'amari Uzuka
[Sexuality]: Pan/Demisexual
[Services]: N/SFW Gpose, SFW RP only
[Information about my character]: A viera raised by Doman nobles in the great city of Kugane, now a famed healer and powerful user of Aether. Their smile is as warm as the sun, and touch as soft as an angels feather. Whatever may trouble you, this viera is more than likely suited to help.

[Venue affiliated with]: Octane/Bon-naka Onsen
[Name]: Ventris Nehemias
[Sexuality]: Pan
[Services]: N/SFW Gpose, Carrd Creation, SFW RP and content helper (I main tank)
[Information about your character]: Ven is a natural hypeman. Being a viera raised in Garlean-occupied Ala Mhigo, his younger years were full of hardship that he'd rather not see others go through. Now, when not utterly oblivious to social cues like a typical himbo, he enjoys drinking, partying, and the chaos of a good dungeon-crawl.

[Venue affiliated with]: Escort Lounge
[Name]: Penelope Harkness
[Sexuality]: Pansexual
[Services]: RP, ERP, gposes, content assistance.
Madame of the escort lounge, Master of the eastern blade and lady of the evening. An Elezen party girl always looking to experience new place and meet new people, Penelope is never one to shy away from a challenge. bubbly and fun loving with a graceful aura, class and a caring demeanor. Tall and curvy and willing to play whatever role is needed to please her guests, finding herself right at home holding the reigns, or being at the other end of the leash. She loves exploring and trying new things, making her a favorite of those too shy to reveal their desires openly. Frequently called a MILF despite having no kids, She aims to one day establish her own dojo in Kugane and teach a new generation of swordsmen the style left to her by her late master.

[Venue affiliated with]: Ten No Ji/ Applebottom's
[Name]: Katrinya Applebottom
[Sexuality]: Pansexual
[Services]: NSFW (Honestly my best skills), Dungeon Girl Friend, Whatever the buyer wants. ♥
The owner of Applebottom's and a warm heart to give. A trans Fem Roe that is soft and cute. She loves to talk and get to know people. Not so good at fighting. 5'7" Good girl ready to do whatever is needed for her buyer. She would probably do it without pay honestly.

[Venue affiliated with]: Ten no Ji
[Name]: Gelleyus Galleleo
[Sexuality]: Gay (lil bi)
[Services]: All RP, content, Gposer Photography, Venue consultations, House decorating, Lap pet
[Information about your character]: Gally is a tricky little fox spirit, recently given magical form after 100 years of life as a fox. His powers of the auspice have started to manifest and with it a ranking in the hierarchy of Kitsune. He is Nogitsune, an wicked earthly fox which enjoys tricking mortals and other higher powers. His abilities include shapeshifting, mediocre curses and charms, as well as the manipulation of Kitsunebei. He has yet to truly make anything stick to those he distresses. Yet beware the recent rumblings of his powers. The normally playful boy has been having bouts of unconsciousness, reawakening to the sparking of blue flames and charred smokey wafts. His powers are changing, and with it a potentially dangerous entity lurks below his bratty barks and yips.
[Canine features including fangs, canine legs, large fluffy tail and ears, claws and more.]

[Venue affiliated with]: Siren's Songs Resort Bathhouse
[Name]: Cecilia Mendeko
[Sexuality]: Bisexual
[Services]: SFW/Semi RP, New Bard Performer
[Information about your character]: Owner of Siren's Songs Resort Bathhouse. Ceci is a Vampire, royal by court, a natural flirt who gets in trouble most of the time, who loves to rebel verbally. An exclusive mistress to those dear to her.